Below are a few questions we receive regularly....

Do I need an account to hire from you?

No, we are happy to hire to everyone. Although the first time hiring from us we require two forms of ID, one must be a photo driving licence or passport the other a recent utility bill. If you do not have a credit account with us we also ask for the hire fee up front and sometimes a deposit on larger value hire items.

If i hire something for one day does it have to be back the same day?

No, our 1 day hires are for 24 hours and our 1 week hires are 7 days.

Do i need a licence or professional qualification to hire a mini digger?

We do not require you to have any formal qualifications to use our hire equipment and we are happy to provide you with some basic training on using the equipment if you're unsure of it's operation. However the onus falls with the hirer to determine whether the situation they are using the equipment in requires them to have formal training.

Do you provide insurance against theft or damage as part of the hire?

No we do not provide any insurance or waiver against theft or damage to our hire equipment. It is up to the hirer to ensure they have the adequate cover in place to cover them from such events. If equipment is lost, stolen or damaged during a hire we will request payment to cover the loss of that equipment. It is recommended that contractors have in place hired in plant insurance and non trade customers check the terms of their home insurance to make sure they are covered.

When i off hire equipment who is liable for it before it is collected?

The customer remains liable for the safe keeping of equipment for 24 hours after the off hire time/date. Therefore it is important equipment ready for collection is left in a safe manner.

Do you charge for cleaning of equipment?

We do on occasion have to charge for machinery that is returned in a dirty condition but we also understand then when it's wet and muddy onsite it's nearly impossible to keep things clean. All we ask is customers try their best to return equipment in as clean condition as they can.

Do i have to refill machines with fuel before off hiring?

If you hire an item of plant that is diesel it will arrive with a full tank of red diesel (gas oil) if you are unable to refill the machine when off hiring (with either red diesel or ordinary "white" diesel) then we charge for the fuel used. Our current charge for diesel is £1+vat per litre.

Unfortunately the laws for purchasing and storing petrol mean we are unable to keep enough fuel onsite to fill every machine. Customers should expect the machine to come with "some" fuel but the amount will be random. However customers are under no obligation to refill the machine at off hire nor will they be charged for returning it empty of petrol.


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